Stellarium is an online planetarium software which you can download for free here:

Stellarium can help you to find your named star in the sky. After you have installed the software, follow the instructions in the quick user manual.

Quick user manual

1. Press F2: Select your language and close the window.
2. Press F4: Deactivate "Atmosphere visualization" and go to menu item "Landscape".
3. Landscape: Deactivate all checkmarks and go to the menu item "Starlore".
4. Starlore: Activate the checkmarks "Show labels", "Show constellation lines", "Show art in brightness" and "Show boundaries". Close the window.
5. Press F3: Use "Object" or "Lists" to search planets, constellations or your star (e.g. HIP 80763).

Press F1: You get a detailed instruction for the short commands.
Press F11: The full screen mode can be switched on and off.